It’s no secret that there’s a shortage of Billing implementation partners in the Salesforce ecosystem; that is why we, at Original Shift, are excited to share that we had the unique opportunity to learn from the best and brightest Salesforce Billing experts at the exclusive, invitation-only Salesforce Billing Partner Executive Briefing Conference in January 2019.

The intent of the Executive Briefing Conference was to update Billing Partners on the SFDC Billing marketing plan, Partner enablement opportunities, Deal Desk process, product demo, and forecasted roadmap themes.

Key topics included:

  • Understanding how Billing completes the full circle of recurring customer relationships
  • Learning opportunities (Modules, Trails, Project, Classes, Certification)
  • Bringing in Sales and Finance to collectively define the Quote to Cash process
  • Solution selling
  • How to leverage Billing partners to achieve product mastery and increase business efficiencies
  • Product Marketing Goals for 2019

So what is Salesforce Billing anyway?
Salesforce Billing ties directly into the Product configurator so that one-time, subscription or usage-based pricing models can be automated, recurring billing programs can be managed in one place, invoices can be generated and payments collected automatically. As a result, we find that Customers eliminate manual input and expensive errors, increase cash flow and profitability, and minimize Contract churn, all while still maintaining security and compliance.

A great Billing partner, like Original Shift, will lead you through the implementation process; however, there are a few things Customers can do to better prepare themselves.

  1. Assemble a team from both the business side and technical side, that has a good understanding of the current state, can articulate pain points and areas for improvement, and has access to key decision makers in the company.
  2. Work with your SFDC representative to ensure you have obtained the correct licenses to implement Salesforce Billing and secure funding with business Leadership.
  3. Prepare documentation ahead of time. Helpful information includes:
    • Up/downstream system maps
    • Product and tax information data flows
    • Product Catalog with identifying attributes
    • User Stories/Use Cases

Ready to leverage Salesforce Billing? Here are the reasons why you should partner with Original Shift for implementation:

  1. We have collectively been in the Quote to Cash industry for 70 years
  2. Our core stems from SteelBrick – we know how CPQ works and the intricacies of integrating with Billing systems
  3. We have learned how to consistently increase Customer productivity through hundreds of successful projects
  4. We build with intention – our approach focuses on the long term success – even if it means having difficult conversations, recommending process changes, and replacing previous work that is hindering business success
  5. Original Shift encourages joint delivery so that the Client can maintain the backend once our implementation project is done

To get started, contact us at or give us a call at (707)390-0743.
We look forward to hearing from you.