Data Migration Lead

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Data Migration Lead

Original Shift delivers great service and exceeds customer expectations implementing Salesforce CPQ & Billing. Our customers depend on us to deliver the guidance they need, not just what they want to hear. Original Shift experts can identify the optimal combination of features and best practices to produce high quality build work. Providing the right solutions to solve difficult business problems is at the heart of our company’s drive to achieve unparalleled customer success.

As a Data Migration Lead, you are responsible for utilizing best-in-class data migration practices to design, build, migrate, and validate data solutions to achieve Customer Success. You play a critical role in the client’s business transformation, supporting Salesforce implementations with effective and technically sound solutions and assisting clients in realizing the full potential of their Salesforce CPQ & Billing investment. As a critical member of the project team, you execute project tasks while providing consultative input to assist customers in recognizing how important their data is to success, minimizing impacts to existing customers. You will also apply your analytical skills to help clients understand the costs and benefits of the decisions they make today on their future success.


Responsibilities may include

  • Identification of required data sources and systems to meet current and future state business requirements
  • Lead field mapping, desired objectives, and requirements discussions with clients
  • Determination of appropriate technologies required to support data migration activities
  • Design and documentation of cross-system keying
  • Documentation of field mapping, desired objectives, and requirements discussions
  • Establish data migration processes including setup and management of database architecture for data migration
  • Execution of data transformation
  • Extraction of data from multiple environments, consolidation of multiple, potentially disparate data sources, and load into multiple Salesforce environments
  • Undertakes analysis and traces performance implications through multiple datasets
  • Formulate a broader perspective of an issue by recognizing the interrelationships and interaction between elements
  • Arrive at coherent conclusions through a consistent application of reason and rigorous analysis
  • Deliver to clear outcome-based targets and measures
  • Work with a strong sense of urgency towards getting the job done


Minimum Qualifications

  • Knowledge of Salesforce data migration best practices, SOQL, and Object Field dependencies
  • 2+ years experience in Salesforce platform
  • Knowledge of Salesforce security best practices, optimization and load balancing within Salesforce (Governor limits)
  • Knowledge and experience configuring Triggers, Process builders, flows with Salesforce
  • Experience with Dataloader,, ANT performing data migrations
  • Ability to script or automate the execution of data migrations

Preferred Qualifications

  • 3+ years experience design and configuration experience with Database management and architecture
  • 2+ years development experience with PostgreSQL/MySQL andApex
  • Experience with postgresSQL, MySQL, Apex


  • Salesforce Administrator
  • Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer (Preferred)

No recruiters or agencies please. The role responsibilities in this post describe the duties most frequently performed by an individual in this position. It is not, however, intended to be a complete list of assigned duties but to describe a position level.

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