National Hispanic Heritage Month

Each year, National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated in the US from September 15th to October 15th. Many Americans observe the holiday by celebrating the histories, cultures and contributions of those who came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. At first the observation just spanned a week back in 1968, but in 1988 President Ronald Regan expanded that week to cover a 30 day period that Started on September 15th to October 15th. Why start on September 15th? September 15th marks many latin american countries day of independence as well many other countries day of independence during that 30 day period.

Here at Original Shift, we celebrated National Hispanic with a Hispanic & LatinX Trivia event that was facilitated by Confetti. We were broken into 2 teams. Team 2 Ladies and Tres Gringos and Team TGIF. There were 3 rounds and a lightning round. What made this activity fun was that it was a learning experience. Many of us were able to learn fun facts, food and culture through this Trivia Event. We learned about a popular dance style called Merengue that originated in the Caribbean. We also learned about the construction of el Murro in Puerto Rico which was constructed to guard the entrance to the San Juan Bay, and defend the Spanish colonial port city of San Juan. We also had to identify important cultural figures throughout Latin History such as Who was the Queen of Salsa? The answer was Cuban Singer Celia Cruz. What was nice about this event, that even if you didn’t know an answer to a question, they awarded sparkle points for creative answers such as Jennifer Lopez Affleck.

At the end of three rounds Team TGIF were ahead by a point. Then came the lightning round, this is where Team 2 Ladies and Tres Gringos shined. The lightning round consisted of who can name that flag or food. Such pictures consisted of Ropa Vieja, Empanadas, Churros and some flags were El Salvador and Ecuador. At the end of the lightning round, Team 2 Ladies and Tres Gringos came away with the win. It was a fun time had by all.


  • Alyssa Collazo

    Alyssa has over 8 years of consulting experience with the last 4 years focusing on building enterprise billing systems. She finds enjoyment in helping clients automate and standardize their billing process and leverages her extensive billing domain knowledge to guide the customer to use recurring revenue and subscription billing best practices.