OS observes the Holiday this year on June 20th 2022.

On June 10th, our team had the pleasure of doing a virtual tour with the company Unexpected Virtual Tours. We were greeted by two news anchors Emily and Joy. Emily and Joy shared information about Emancipation Day and stories of leaders and allies.

Harriet Tubman was one of the leaders. One of the stories Joy and Emily told us is that Harriet worked closely with John Brown to plan the raid on Harpers ferry. As well as help recruit potential soldiers that were enslaved in Canada and spoke in New England to help Brown raise money for his raid.
We also had the pleasure of speaking with two onsite correspondents, Kathy and Jason. Kathy was our Virginia onsite correspondent. Kathy first took us to Fort Monroe where she spoke to us about the landing of the first enslaved Africans in English-occupied North America at Point Comfort in 1619. She also showed us the Emancipation oak which can be found at the entrance to Hampton University campus. We then had the pleasure of speaking with Jason who was the Texas onsite correspondent. Here Jason took us to visit the capitol complex where we saw the Texas African American History Memorial. Jason talked us through the meaning of this memorial especially the central portion of the memorial where it depicts Juneteenth in Texas: June 19, 1865, when African Americans were freed from the bonds of slavery.

Throughout this tour, we were able to snack on the treat box that was curated specifically for this tour by the Unexpected Virtual Tours team. I personally enjoyed Miss D’s Watermelon Popcorn, but I do know a few of my other colleagues were very fond of Natasha’s Red Velvet Oreo Brittle. The box also included My Resident Gourmet Juneteenth Jubilee Punch, John Henry’s Honey Barbecue Sauce, and a Watermelon Candle by Sweet Themes Candle Company. We also had lively chat with all the news correspondents during the tour answering trivia questions and other fun filled questions.

Overall, it was a very enlightening and successful event that our team was able to participate in. We look forward to our next event and sharing our experience with you.


  • Alyssa Collazo

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