Three years ago, our trio founded a new kind of consulting firm. We were a hardworking crew who weren’t afraid to “roll-up-your-sleeves” to get the job done. Fast forward, our scrappy company has grown to almost 50 employees! With more than 60 Salesforce CPQ & Billing customers successfully launched, Original Shift is no longer the new kid on the block. And we needed a new brand that reflected Original Shift’s evolution.

Start With Research

We wanted a brand that felt authentic to our company. First, our team surveyed employees, customers, and partners at Salesforce. We uncovered the internal and external perceptions, challenges, and value propositions of Original Shift. That research was distilled to create a brand promise:

  • Done Right the First Time: Confidence that Original Shift will deliver with quality, flexibility & speed.
  • Original CPQ & Billing Specialists: Deep roots in Quote-to-Cash — all the way to the original SteelBrick team.
  • Straight-shooters Approach: Partnerships built upon consultation & transparency.

And then we set out to create a brand that would elevate Original Shift. We intended to support the story of who we are and how we want to grow. 

A New Identity

Changing the logo is a sensitive topic for any organization. Our team challenged ourselves with a logo transformation that departs from our old branding. We are thrilled that our new logo symbolizes the inherent nature of Quote-to-Cash projects:

  • Dynamism and feeling of movement that harkens to transformation and the name “shift”.
  • Problem-solving represented in a shape similar to a Rubix cube.
  • The interconnectedness of CPQ & Billing operations of our customers.
  • The interconnectedness of our industry and employees, many of whom have worked with each other across multiple companies.



The new logo was designed by hand, which gives it a sense of originality. To harken to our roots, we kept the navy and blue color schema with refined and richer versions.


A challenge was to create a brand that supported storytelling. The gear shift from our original logo inspired us to tinker with the concept of a car to tell our story:

  • Embarking on journeys with our customers.
  • Acceleration to deliver results and get a project done fast.
  • Symbolization of Salesforce’s Revenue Cloud accelerating the Quote-to-Cash process.
  • Symbolization of the mechanics of a car compared to company operations.
  • In the same way a mechanic tinkers in the shop, our own Configurators & Developers tinker with their build.

While our company is not directly related to cars, we leverage the concept for symbolization. The imagery was also exciting and built buzz with both internal and external audiences.

What’s Next

We are growing fast and want you along for the ride! Check out our Careers section for open positions, or Contact Us for more information on your next CPQ & Billing project.

Roll the Credits

We must give a huge thank you to our partners and customers who supported our rebrand.

Design Firm & Developer: Jenna Beckmann of Kinn Creative, Sarah Ashurex of Downward Facing Tech

Customers: Laurie Schrager, Borys Aptekar

Salesforce Partners: Greg Fio, Vance Phan, Julian Ferguson

And finally, a huge thank you to the Original Shift employees who fueled our growth. We couldn’t have done it without you!


  • Marissa Plume leverages 10+ years of Quote to Cash experience guiding customers to achieve growth goals by implementing technology and shifting their business processes. Marissa knows that real change is hard and is committed to preparing customers even before the project kicks off. As co-founder of Original Shift, Marissa leads sales and works closely with Salesforce CPQ & Billing customers to ensure projects are set up for success.

  • Leveraging his experience as a subcontractor to SteelBrick services, leading partner implementations, and managing Salesforce Services. With over 11 years working with the Salesforce platform, Larry is one of the most senior Salesforce CPQ & Billing Solution Architects. Larry draws on his deep product and broad industry experiences to guide customers to employ best practices and transform their business.

  • Joe literally wrote the exam for the Salesforce CPQ Specialist certification. With 6 years working exclusively with Salesforce CPQ & Billing, few architects have more experience with it outside of the original developers. Joe excels at finding creative and sustainable solutions to his customers’ unique business processes.