The right solutions to difficult
problems fuel our drive

The right solutions to difficult problems fuel our drive

A new kind of consultancy

Quote-to-Cash transformations are tough. We have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Founded by leaders of the original SteelBrick and Salesforce Quote-to-Cash teams, Original Shift was born with a vision to challenge the status quo and shift the way you do business. We engage each customer collaboratively and execute with technical and operational excellence. With us, you’ll be on the road to success with Salesforce Revenue Cloud.
Unwavering focus on outcomes and quality to maximize investment.
Listen for the real reasons and be unafraid of straight talk.
Leverage connections & information of those in the know.

How We Work Matters

We actively fight for your success, connect sincerely, act with transparency, dive into uncertainty, and harness creativity for extraordinary results. Our work is directly tied to our values and how we work with you matters. We’re not here to be “yes” people. We’re here to get into the trenches with you, challenge the ways things have been done, and shift how you do business.
.Be Original
.Be a Champion
.Be Genuine
.Be a Tinkerer

100% On-shore

Your project team is carefully selected based on experience, scope, culture fit, and location. With employees across the United States, you can trust that your team possesses the knowledge and best practices to successfully drive your project.

Join Our Growing Team

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